film safely and cost-effectively above and below the surface

We create production value on the water!

Oceanfilm has since 1999 helped film productions to film safely and cost-effectively on water. We carry out assignments all over the country, both in forest ponds and on the sea including coordinating advanced scenes in outer archipelago to safety in a pool. We are the largest company in Scandinavia on boats and water scenes.
Marine Co-ordination

Before the production starts, the marine coordinator plans with the team to prepare for as efficient production as possible. On the set, the Marine Coordinator works side by side with FAD/1st AD to coordinate boats and safety.


The security team contributes at many levels during a production. Like for example risk assessment. The team is also responsible for the film teams safety on jettys, piers and boats.

Camera boats

Our own boats are chosen with care and custom made for film production. They are extra sturdy and have special mountings for gyro and camera. It is also possible to charge camera batteries and mount monitors.

Marine Props

With us you rent, wet and dry suits, wading boots & life jackets. We also have inflatables, electric motors, anchors, ropes, buoys and beacons. In short, most things you may need when recording at water.

Boats in picture

Motor or sail? New or old? We help you find the boat you need for your scene. We transport the boat to the set and make sure it is in order. Once in place, we take full responsibility for the boat’s mooring and handling.

Precision driving

Our boat drivers are all used to film productions and are responsive. Our staff includes precision drivers for all types of boats. Our boat drivers are all specialists in having film teams on board and therefore have knowledge of and can propose alternative ways to solve sea-related challenges.


We solve transports of materials and personnel to any location. We have platforms and floating bridges for all purposes.

Training of actors

Occasionally, actors must be able to sail, dive, paddle, or drive a motor boat. Our instructors then take care of the training and adapt it to the scene.


Oceanfilm divers are competent with all required certificates and film experience. We perform all types of diving assignments and also provide diving equipment to actors.

Location scouting

In Sweden there are thousands of beautiful bays, houses and isles. We help you find the perfect location for your scene.

Water effects

We make all kinds of effects in and on water such as bubbles, swirls, and waves, winds, fog etc. in collaboration with the Swedish SFX-company, Panorama SFX.

Oceanfilms services help every department of a production team.

Looking for marine props?

With us you can rent what you need!
"The life jacket must be pink and 1973!"

We have a large selection of props for marine environments. For example, life jackets, boat engines, sails, buoys and naval marks for all needs and specific typical times.

We also have dry suits to use under normal clothes as well as skin-colored wetsuits in various sizes.

Get in touch with us and describe what your needs are, we can help you get the best marine props for your specific requirements.

  • Life jackets

    We have life jackets in all designs and sizes.

  • Wading boots

    In various designs and materials.

  • Wet suits

    Regular, chroma key and skin-colored wetsuits with long or short arms and legs.

  • Beacons

    With us, you can get hold of all the existing beacons in natural size.

Rock steady pictures on water with gyro

With our custom-built boats you can film stable images near the water surface of up to 40 knots.

Do magic in our water studio

Oceanfilm now offers the opportunity to rent a water studio for filming in, under and over water. The studio is located in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg.

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Havet och dess överlevnad är en förutsättning får vårt arbete och därför så tar vi stort ansvar för de fotspår som vi lämnar efter oss. Oceanfilms miljöpolicy innebär att vi driver våra båtar med akrylatbensin från Aspen och våra övriga fordon med 100% förnybar diesel från Neste. Genom det minskar vi våra utsläpp av kolväten med 99%.

Behind the scenes

A selection of pictures from our assignments over the years.
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