Water studio

Our water studio is customized for filming in, under and over water. The studio consists of two pools that are customized for film production and creates opportunities that are difficult to achieve outdoors or in pools used for swimming, such as being able to use props fully in the water, clouding water, adjusting temperature and water depth. It’s just the imagination that sets the limitations. The studio is located in Västra Frölunda not far from central Gothenburg. Contact us for more information, prices and booking.

The water studio accommodates two pools, production offices and common areas.

In the studio there are two pools that are rough and adapted for film work. The large pool is designed for underwater photography with plenty of space along the pool edges and with an underwater plateau at about one meter depth and which can be moved along the entire pool. In the deep pool we can achieve a depth of up to 10 meters.

In the studio there are unique opportunities to adjust water temperature, blur the view, use props underwater etc. Solid blackout curtains above the water and possibility of backdrops in different colors under the water. In the studio there are changing rooms with sauna, toilets, dining room and 4 rooms for production purposes. For example costume, production management, customer rooms, rest rooms etc. We also offer internet fiber connection, wireless network and office services etc. For longer productions, there is also security room for night storage of equipment.

Oceanfilm has many years of experience in water-related film productions. With knowledge of both film production and diving, we handle both safety and practical problem solving in place. Oceanfilm has special dispensation from the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s AfS (2010: 16), regarding the number of divers required. This makes us the most cost-effective option for carrying out a safe and efficient production.

Rent camera equipment and photographer/operator

Through our partners, we offer the opportunity to rent equipment for filming underwater. We have many years of experience in underwater filming, lighting solutions and underwater housing for the market-leading camera suppliers.

Ett av projekten som vi har varit involverade i. Resultatet omfattar både film och stillbilder till Operans katalog 2017-2018.


Main pool

  • 3 meter depth
  • 6 meter wide
  • 17 meter long

Power supply

  • 1x63A
  • 1x32A
  • 1x16A
  • 3x10A

230V is directly connected to the pool.

Deep pool

  • 3 meter in diameter
  • 10 meter deep

Parking is available next to the studio. Loading and unloading can be done directly into the pool.

Åkeredsvägen 1
421 63 Västra Frölunda